Mistaken identity

Jerney Kate

Pawel Kaminski is an artist who transforms images of famous stars like Leonard Cohen, John Lennon and James Brown into works of art. He decided to add a picture of Eva Cassidy and he must have checked our website. The photograph he found was not Eva Cassidy, though, but Dutch singer Jerney Kate (who did a marvellous Eva Cassidy tribute on our fan club day February 2nd 2015). The photograph was made by Ron Beenen at De Vorstin in Hilversum.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We wish all Eva Cassidy fans all over the world a very happy Easter! The picture was made by Eva Cassidy fan of the year: Ann Bakker. Thank you Ann!

2-2-2015: Fan Club Evening in Hilversum!

2-2-2015: Fan Club Evening in Hilversum!

Eva Cassidy’s music will come alive during an impressive show of Jerney Kate and her band during this start evening. Their repertoire is as varied as Eva Cassidy’s was: from refined folk songs like ‘Autumn Leaves’ to the solid Rhythm and blues of ‘Take Me To The River’. Historian and music connoisseur Dr. Harry Knipschild and Eva Cassidy’s biographer Johan Bakker will talk about their fascination for the singer who became a star four years after her premature death in 1996.

Eva Cassidy Fan Evening

Eva Cassidy Fan Evening

February 2, 2015,

Doors open: 7 pm, start show: 8 pm.


Podium De Vorstin

Koninginneweg 44, 1211 AS, Hilversum

€ 10,- (includes membership of the only Eva Cassidy fan club in the world and three free drinks ). Within three minutes walking distance from station Hilversum. Plenty parking facilities.

Kindly request to register at:

More information +31(0)6-45700121

Facebook  OfficialEvaCassidyFanclub

Twitter @EvaFanClub  

Bette Midler: Get your Eva Cassidy record now.

Bette Midler

Singer and actress Bette Midler wrote on her FB-page: “The Autumn leaves, drift by my window, The Autumn leaves of red and gold” Get out your old Eva Cassidy record now! 

E.L.James likes Behind the Rainbow


E.L.James, the successful author of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is a huge Eva Cassidy fan. It was a surprise though, that she wrote on her popular Twitter account: ‘You should read Behind the Rainbow, the tragic life of Eva Cassidy (Omnibus Press).’ Thank you Ms James!

Amanda Seyfried (Lovelace, Mamma Mia!) would like to play Eva Cassidy

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried has revealed that playing Eva Cassidy would be her dream role. (more…)

Fresh talk show host Humberto Tan: Eva Cassidy’s story inspires me.


Fresh talk show host Humberto Tan: Eva Cassidy’s story inspires me. (more…)

Rock Hall of Fame Museum

Set List Fleetwood's

Eva Cassidy’s ‘Live at Fleetwood’s’ recording being entered into the Rock Hall of Fame museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

Timeless Voice


Eva Cassidy: Timeless Voice (1 x 60′) – A documentary about singer Eva Cassidy that charts her discovery and posthumous rise to international fame. Eva Cassidy has sold 10 million records worldwide yet she died, in 1996, not knowing her voice would go on to cause a phenomenon in the entertainment industry and inspire a whole generation of female singers.

This film attempts to explain why the modern day music business, with all its marketing driven strategies, was turned on its head by the voice of a girl from small town Bowie in Washington DC.
It includes unseen original archive footage of Eva performing, and incorporates live performances and interviews from a range of contributors including Mick Fleewood, Katie Melua, Sir Terry Wogan, UK voice coach Carrie Grant and other broadcast journalists and music professionals who bring their own genuine insight into how and why Eva was discovered and went on to become a star after her untimely death.

Channel: Sky Arts

Producer: Positive Television

Eva on Dutch television

Dan, Margriet, Arie, Cord Vrije geluiden 1

VPRO’s Vrije Geluiden (Dutch national television) paid tribute to Eva Cassidy because of Eva’s 50th birthday: Sunday Febr. 3rd 10.30 Ned. 1. Margriet Sjoerdsma, Cord Heineking , Arie Storm and Dan Cassidy sang and played Eva songs In the Early Morning Rain and Wade in the Water. (Picture Cindy Heijnen)

Vrije Geluiden (Dutch television)


VPRO´s Vrije Geluiden (Dutch national television) will pay tribute to Eva Cassidy because of Eva’s 50th birthday: Sunday Febr. 3rd 10.30 Ned. 1. Margriet Sjoerdsma and Dan Cassidy will sing and play some Eva songs.

Margriet Sjoerdsma and Dan Cassidy live on radio 1


Margriet Sjoerdsma, Arie Storm and Dan Cassidy played some Eva songs live in the radio 1 studio on Friday December 7th. (more…)

Book launch Amsterdam December 8, 1:30PM

Selexyz Scheltema Amsterdam

Book launch Selexyz / Scheltema book store. Koningsplein 20, Amsterdam, December 8, 1:30PM. (more…)

Radio 1 DeGids.Fm with Felix Meurders

Johan Bakker en Felix Meurders

Johan Bakker talked about his book with his old radio hero Felix Meurders (more…)

Sunday Times November 6 review The Best of Eva Cassidy

They sure don’t make them like this anymore. This album is all about beautiful music and pure singing talent, with no frills, bells or whistles! (more…)

Order Dutch edition

Eva Cassidy, De Biografie Cover

Click on ‘View All’ to order the Dutch edition (more…)

Tribute Webcast on Acorn TV

Acorn TV

Tonight on Acorn TV, we are doing a Special Tribute Webcast dedicated to Eva Cassidy.  (more…)

Summary Award Ceremony

Helen Donlon Stationer´s Livery Hall

Watch the summary of the Award Ceremony! (more…)

Radio 1 interview Cultuurzomer July 3, 2012


Listen to the interview that Jellie Brouwer had with Johan Bakker (more…)

Chris Charlesworth presenting the award to Johan Bakker

Johan and Chris

Omnibus Press editor Chris Charlesworth presented the People’s Book Prize Award to Johan Bakker 

Award ceremony

Awards Ceremony People´s Book Prize

Stationers’ Hall was the venue for the awards ceremony for the People’s Book Prize. (more…)

Chuck Brown August 22, 1936 – May 16, 2012

chuckbrown 2

Chuck Brown 1936 – 2012 (more…)

Cross Rhythms May 2012

Cross Rhythms

County Times April 2012

County Times site 1

Performance Margriet Sjoerdsma

johan bakker boekpres - Ron Beenen__MG_1094

Performance of Margriet Sjoerdsma at booklaunch Behind the Rainbow’. Selexyz/Donner Rotterdam March 24th 2012: Early Morning Rain (more…)

Dutch book launch March 24th


Saturday March 24th, 3 pm: Dutch Book launch Behind the Rainbow at Selexyz Donner, Lijnbaan 150, Rotterdam. Readings (Johan Bakker) and Eva songs (Margriet Sjoerdsma, Andreas Suntrop & Rein Godefroy).

Book in London stores

The biography is prominently displayed in London bookstores! 

Publication of the book

Behind The Rainbow: The Story of Eva Cassidy by @JohanBakker14 will be available tomorrow from @OmnibusPress – #pickitup for a good read!

Review: Eva Cassidy Sings (DVD)


Eva Cassidy Sings – DVD
Blix Street Records

By Johan Bakker

Eva Cassidy demanded a lot from herself and she refused a recordcontract with Blue Note. Recordings that she made, circulated in small circles after her death. The way in which she made well-known songs her own, drew the attention, though.

The cd Songbird with heartbreakingly beautiful songs, was released in 2001 and became a huge succes all over the world. New tapes came from all nooks and crannies and seven more albums saw the light from that moment on. Everyone thought that the source had been dried out, but these days a dvd appeared in the musicshops with a performance of Eva Cassidy in a bluesclub in Maryland.

The quality of the images that contain hardly any colors isn’t marvellous. The camera drifts uncomfartably around. Still it is a crushing experience to see and hear Eva sing and play. The ‘homevideo’ character increases that effect. What a relief to see someone concentrating on making music in this period of fast videoclips. Eva Cassidy restrains herself during the singing of her jazz, blues and gospel if you compare it with her studio-recordings. Without echoes and aiming at effect she sounds less polished and thus better. Eva plays the guitar herself and her fourmenband accompanies subserviently and effectively. ‘Cheek to Cheek’ ‘People Get ready’, ‘Over The Rainbow’: almost every song that Eva sings contains goosebump-moments. The concert was recorded at January 3rd 1996. A year later she wasn’t among us any longer.

Review: Eva Cassidy – Imagine


Eva Cassidy – Imagine
Blix Street Records

By Johan Bakker

April last year Eva Cassidy surprised with the cd Songbird. The American singer who died some years before, left several music tapes, which comforted her relatives and friends after this tragic event. Eva, who shunned publicity, had shown her musical talents only to a small circle of bosom friends. When the English radio played her beautiful song ‘Over The Rainbow’, many people were thrilled. The album Songbird was best sold cd in Great Brittain in 2001. Ten new songs have been discovered and collected on the new cd Imagine. Cassidy who did not witness her own success, performed only songs written by others. Her power was her many-sidedness. She mastered several styles like gospel, blues, folk and soul but she was able to transform them into typical Eva Cassidy songs. The cd opens strongly with Paul Anka’s ‘It doesn’t matter anymore.’ The singer accompanies herself on guitar. This is Eva’s  best side. She knows exactly where she has to step back and where she can belt out. Also beautiful are ‘Who knows Where The Time Goes,’ with guitar, bass, violin and ‘You’ve changed,’ supported by a jazzcombo. ‘Early Morning Rain,’ ‘Danny Boy’ and ‘Imagine’ are solopieces again.

September 20, 2002