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Johan Bakker (Photo by Ron Beenen)Johan Bakker published hundreds of concert and CD reviews, as well as interviews and broadened his perspective to include literary fiction, film and the visual arts. The biography Behind the Rainbow is the crowning achievement on Johan Bakker’s work – for the time being.

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Kaft Behind the rainbowBehind the Rainbow

In Behind the Rainbow Johan Bakker re-evaluates Eva Cassidy’s brief performing career and the fame that only came after her death at the age of 33. The author has interviewed Eva’s friends, colleagues and family in Washington D.C. and Maryland, tracing her short life, her idealism and her disillusionment with the business side of her trade. Through it all her shimmering spirit shines making this biography both a searching analysis and a warm commemoration of a uniquely talented young woman.

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The US American singer Eva Cassidy was avoiding the limelight, never been comfortable with live performances, and enjoyed working in the studio. Eva was shy, introverted, extremely self-critical, melancholic and troubled all of her life: I don't need to be famous, she said, and little wonder she never achieved any fame during her short lifetime. Eva's grandfather Karl came from the German spa town Bad Kreuznach, where his daughter met an American soldier (whose second cousin, actor Henry Gibson played the Nazi chief in The Blues Brothers). Eva Cassidy was born in 1963 in Washington DC. For the authorised biography ‘Eva Cassidy: Songbird’ the family lawyer assisted in arranging all the interviews. The book was designed to promote a positive image of Eva, essentially little more than a PR exercise. ‘Behind The Rainbow’ though claims to be an investigating and enlightening biography, and sure it is. Dutch journalist Johan Bakker took to the task, interviewed Eva’s friends, colleagues and family and evaluates Eva's brief performing career and her posthumous fame. The story behind the voice - a touching account not only for Eva Cassidy aficionados!

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Johan Bakker does an excellent job of bringing Eva Cassidy, to the front of the stage where she belongs. The scenes that helped shape this extraordinary singer are presented in vivid detail, from a first performance where she knocks over a microphone to her last where she breaks the hearts of her devoted fans. With photos and song details not available anywhere else this book is a must for those who have listened to "how the angels must sing in heaven". The book is not long - less than two-hundred pages as was her life - 33 years. It's not quantity but quality that counts in all things.

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